Off the beaten path? A Rokon was capable of taking you very far off the beaten path!?

In the last post we spoke about some of the fascinating two stroke bikes that we’ve on the lookout for as we put together the fourth annual Modern Classics Motorcycle Show coming up on March 1, 2014 at Martin Moto in Boyertown, Pa.  Then just yesterday our attention was drawn to yet another possibly forgotten bike from the 1970s that we had overlooked. Simply couldn’t resist posting this one too!


Rokon RT 340

Yup. It’s a Rokon! Chock full of unusual features like pull cord starting (think lawnmower) and a fully automatic and clutchless snowmobile-like drive system, Rokons laid claim to a market position pretty far off the beaten path. Nonetheless they earned their stripes as serious dirtbikes by regularly winning various enduro and trials competitions

Roko OverallWin And through the middle part of the 1970s they were even serious competitors in International Six Day Trials (ISDT) events in both the US and Europe.

rokon 73ISDT1

Rokon at the 1973 ISDT

Interestingly Rokon was a New England based manufacturer, with headquarters in New Hampshire where they pushed out the sturdy bikes equipped with a 337cc Sachs two stroke engine that put out some 30+ horsepower in stock form.

CaptureWhile Rokons never sold in huge numbers and while the parent company had its ups and downs, including a visit into receivership, it is interesting to note that Rokon continues on to this day with a line of “Trail Breaker” 2 wheel drive utility vehicles that remain popular with hunters, outdoorsmen, forest service types and even some military users.

Anyone got (or know of)  a Rokon RT 340 to nominate for the 2014 Modern Classics Motorcycle Show?

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