Modern Classics Ride-In This Saturday! Here Are Some Vintage Bike Pics To Get You Revved Up!

As if we needed any further reason to get revved up for Saturday’s Modern Classics Ride-In event at Martin Motorsports! As if indeed. OK, maybe a quick “bump start” is necessary to get your vintage bike juices flowing. If that’s the case, then here you go! Last weekend we attended the Radnor Concours in the rolling horse country of nearby Chester County, Pa. Norton was the featured marque this year and we delighted in a tasty visual feast of featherbeds, racing Manxes, and more. But just two weeks ago we also had the opportunity to attend the Vintage Bike show at Miller Motorsports Park near Salt Lake City, Put on by our friends at “Motorcycle Classics” Magazine, the Utah show was held in conjunction with the 10th Annual Bonneville Grand Prix AHRMA Vintage racing event. Old bikes and, especially, old race bikes. Does it get any better?


Not to tip our hand too soon, but we can only hope some examples of bikes this nice show up at the Modern Classics Events, both next weekend and on March 1st at the 4th Annual Modern Classics Show.

Moto Guzzi was the featured marque at the Motorcycle Classics Utah show. Here’s a few that attracted our attention.

DSCN7474Guzzi V50s are not particularly common. This was a nice example.

DSCN7410Proving, once again, that it’s a pretty small world, we were delighted to discover one of the Utah Guzzis on display with a license plate frame from the well known Albert Sigman’s dealership just up the road from Martin Motorsports in Pleasant Valley, PA. We’ve had numerous Modern Classics entries that came out of Sigmans. Kind of legendary in this area.


British bikes were, of course , well represented. Here a very popular Triumph 500 custom.


And a tasty AJS. We haven’t had much in the way of AJS entries at our Modern Classics show. Maybe we need to look harder!

DSCN7463And a very original Royal Enfield.


Another bike we’ve never had at Modern Classics is a “first year’ 1984 Kawasaki Ninja 900. The first Ninja, and arguably the original Hypersport. Please, won’t somebody nominate one for our show!


The special class at the 2014 Modern Classics show will be “Two Strokes.” Here’s an example of one we’d like to see. a nice, all original, 1966 Suzuki X6 Hustler. A boring color but anything but a boring bike!


Yamahas’ RD350, and it’s later evolution, the RZ350 make a lovely couple. More cool two strokes from the 70s and 80s.


You need only travel a bit further back in history to discover interesting older two strokes like this BSA Bantam.


Then there is that “mother of all two strokes” the Kawasaki H2 750. Widow Maker. Say no more.


Of course, since this show was paired with an AHRMA vintage race event, you didn’t have to walk far to check out all manner of vintage race bikes. And some relatively newer ones too.


How about this hand-shift Indian? Wanna race something like this?


We could easily fill your computer screen with dozens of additional photographs. A better idea might be this. Why not come on out to Martin Motorsports in Boyertown, Pa this Saturday, September 14th and check out a collection of vintage bikes like this in person. It’s our first Modern Classics Ride-In event and even we are excited to see what shows up. Want more info? Check out our web site at

See ya there!