2014 Motorcycles. Really? Already?


OK, We sorta get it. The Summer solstice is behind us (by some 6 days,) and the days are already getting shorter (yup, we lost 22 seconds of daylight today versus yesterday.) Seriously though, It isn’t even Independence day and there are still 188 days left in 2013. Nonetheless, every time we look up someone is introducing a 2014 motorcycle. Don’t get the idea we’re opposed to the introduction of new bikes. We’re not. It just seems a bit premature to already be looking at 2014s.

Editorial commentary about marketing strategies aside, there are some fascinating bikes in the pipeline for 2014 and we thought we’d draw your attention to a few that have already broken cover.

The pending introduction of the 2014 Indian Chief may be the biggie here. Since Polaris acquired the brand a couple of years ago they have done a magnificent job of slowly rolling out an all new and fully modern slant on this classic. Now they will publicly introduce the bike on August 3, 2013 at Sturgis. There’s still time for you to arrange to be there! Take a look at this teaser and see if you can honestly say you’re not interested!


img bolt

A little closer to home for us here at Martin Motorsports is the 2014 Yamaha Star Bolt. This attractively priced cruiser with a blend of old school and contemporary looks is already resident in our showroom and attracting lots of attention.


Then there’s the 2014 Honda Grom. It may be hard to exactly identify which marketing “bin” is the appropriate place to stash the Grom. Perhaps it’s simply the 21st Century take on the monkey bike. It comes with a torquey 125cc fuel injected single and four speed trans packaged in an all new frame and equipped with some top end componentry like Upside Down Forks and a projector beam headlight. Then there’s the strong styling and, frankly, the attitude. All for under $3000, and allegedly capable of delivering 130 miles per gallon. Can’t wait to see one when they arrive in Honda showrooms in August. Wonder what “Grom” means? Two words. Urban Dictionary.

If you can’t wait, then check out this Honda Video.

And there are others. Kawasaki’s already out with announcements for a couple of their 2014 dirt bikes, the KX 250 F and KX 450 F, likewise Suzuki with their 2014 RM-Zs.

All this already, and the truly big shows like EICMA in Milan are still over four months away. Whew. We can’t help but think that 2014 is going to be epic. But really, so soon?