Michael Rutter, Aboard the Moto Czysz, Victorious in 2013 TT Zero! 109+ MPH!

2013 TT Zero Winner Michael Rutter

2013 TT Zero Victory Podium with winner Michael Rutter

Since we brought the subject up last week, we thought we’d follow up and let you know the results from the TT Zero Electric bike race at the Isle of Man TT earlier today. In an amazingly competitive race, British SuperBike veteran Michael Rutter captured his third straight TT Zero by the slightest of margins over TT legend John McGuinness. Rutter completed the one lap (37 miles!) race around the Mountain Course at a new record 109.675 mph, followed less than two seconds later by McGuinness, aboard the Mugen, at 109.527 mph. The win marks not just a third consecutive victory for Rutter but a fourth consecutive for bike builder Moto Czysz based out of Portland, Oregon.
To put the performance in perspective, this is the same Michael Rutter who qualified a Honda CBR1000RR sixth fastest for the (conventional) Superbike TT at 128.639 mph. Yes, the electric bikes, which have only been racing here since 2009, are less than 20mph slower than the conventional bikes that have been competing for over a century. They’re now approximating the raw performance levels of pure racebikes from the 1970s and the lap record was raised another 5+ mph this year! With the continued interest of technological powerhouses like Moto Czysz and Mugen (and their very close alliance with Honda) there is surely more to come. Amazing. Stay tuned!