Modern Classics Bike Show Tomorrow…….A Sneak Preview!

The Third Annual Modern Classics Show is tomorrow and there is an absolutely phenomenal collection of bikes gathering in the Martin Motorsports showroom in Boyertown, PA. This year’s show features both street bikes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s as well as competition bikes from the same basic era (with only a couple of stunning outliers.) Just about 100 bikes of incredible pedigree make up our “Museum For A Day.” For example right now there are five, count ’em – five, MV Agustas sitting on the showroom floor. Where else can you see that on a Saturday in March?

Capture x75

Here’s a sweet Triumph X75 Hurricane

As a kind of preview of the sort of things you might see, we’ve picked just one entry as a sample. Here’s the placard writeup for Tom Johnson’s 1973 Triumph Hurricane and a pic of an X75 to enjoy. Come on out to spend the day with these classic rides.

Here’s what Tom had to say about his Triumph X75:

In the early 1970s the British motorcycle industry was suffering desperately. Looking to improve their prospects, Triumph turned to American designer Craig Vetter. First shown as a concept in 1970 (and featured on the cover of that September’s Cycle World) Vetter’s concept created a firestorm of excitement. This three cylinder 750cc machine, with its distinctive exhaust, tiny gas tank, wild paint, and near “chopper” proportions was unlike anything previously seen from the British Isles and perhaps offered competition for the Japanese bikes that were sweeping through the marketplace.

From the moment I saw the Vetter Hurricane on that Cycle World cover I knew someday I would own one. I was in the motorcycle business when it was productionized by Triumph in 1972, but because I was so engaged in work and flat track racing I couldn’t focus on my street ride. Then, in early 2000s I happened upon a basket case Hurricane with restoration potential. I was fortunate to have found a matching frame and motor and became totally absorbed in creating a rider. A restorer helped me through the recreation, and in 2010 another 1973 Triumph X75 Hurricane was born! I recently added the final touches with OE tires it’s now working to a tee.