Looking for New Places to Ride? Look Here. Online Ride Resources!

OK, so the snow has been shoveled (or it melted), the sun is shining brightly, and the groundhog has assured us that spring is on it’s way. This, in turn, may cause you to begin turning your thoughts to the spring riding season that is headed your way at warp speed (or so you hope.) Anyway, thoughts of riding often lead us to the eternal question, “Where to today?”

Where to indeed! We all have our favorite local ride roads but the thought of venturing further afield is often on the agenda as the days get longer and warmer. Even if the warm weather isn’t REALLY here yet this is a great time to imagine rides to new and interesting places. And here are three of our favorite online resources to go to check out the prospects for great ride roads almost anywhere we might want to go.

Motorcycle Roads US header

Need more info on some 3200 riding roads spread across the nation? This could be your source. A single click on front page map of the USA will carry you directly to any of the 50 states. Also included is a section entitled “Nifty Fifty” that will take you to a showcase ride in each of the states. Not necessarily anyone’s choice of “best” mind you (no doubt to avoid violent controversy) but a typical great ride nonetheless. For our home state of Pennsylvania they have conveniently chosen PA route 842 which winds it’s way through Chester County, not more than about 30 miles from the Martin Motorsports showroom. http://www.Motorcycleroads.us utilizes Google maps as well as verbal descriptions to help us along the way. Check it out.


Motorcycle Roads coverPA

Similar in concept to motorcycleroads.us in that it uses Google maps, the entirely separate motorcycleroads.com brings slightly more appealing graphics along for the ride. It is also different in that it maintains a (free) membership scheme. You can freely scope out the reviews as a guest but if you want to enter your own “great ride road” submission” you’ve got to join some 9800 others as a member(easily accomplished from the home page at no cost.) They also offer a mobile app for iPhone and Android and have their own branded swag for sale. Motorcycleroads.com carries commercial advertising but not in an invasive way. Lots of routes for Pennsylvania and neighboring states!


Bestbikeroads cover

Dreaming about making a lap through Kazakhstan rather than heading out to Ephrata on a Sunday?
In that case http://www.bestbikingroads.com may be the preferred destination for you. They claim to be able to fix you up with 309,980 miles of great roads in 76 countries. A truly global site – Bestbikingroads has almost 21,000 contributing members and nearly 9000 individual route reviews. Have no fear though. They can help you Bestbike roads pa 287
out with US domestic rides too, including this one, a favorite from north-central PA. As with the other sites here, Google maps comes into play and the writeups and directions are comprehensive. They also incorporate a rating system for the ride routes with various important factors like scenery, road condition, and presence of the Gendarmes. A mobile app is also available. Because of the massive amount of content and the international angle, you can easily kill an afternoon on this site, just daydreaming of epic rides to come.

There a numerous other sources that can keep you amused for an afternoon. Let us know if you have one that you especially like. Ride Safe!