A Little Motorcycle Music to Go With the Prose!

Truth. We’re stupid busy with the planning for the third annual Modern Classics bike show coming up on March 2nd. Check it out here  http://www.martinmoto.com/default.asp?page=modern-classics-home

Modern Classics Logo Master JPEG

The impending show has put us all in an “old bikes” frame of mind and we’ll likely remain that way through the upcoming event. While we work we occasionally break out into song, celebrating the classic old motorcycle music. Think “The Seven Dwarfs.” Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it’s off to work we go. You’re not buyin’ it are you? OK, that doesn’t really happen but that doesn’t mean there aren’t great moto-centric tunes from back in the day. There are. We thought we’d share with you here just a few offerings from the world of motorcycle songs and such. All from the same 60s, 70s, and 80s era that is the focus of the Modern Classics show.

75kawZ1BmontanaIn 1975 the Kawasaki Z1 was the world’s fastest production motorcycle. We’ve had beautiful examples of Z1s at each of the first two Modern Classics shows. 1975 was also the year singer Arlo Guthrie introduced his Motorcycle Song to the world. Take a trip back to 1975 when you have a look at the stunning Z1 and then hear Arlo perform this classic.



1972 was the year that Harley Davidson’s “ironhead” grew to 1000cc and got it’s first alloy cylinder head. The spring of 1972 was also when the group Sailcat released their biggest hit “Motorcycle Mama.”

Check out that old Sportster and listen to Sailcat here!  Sailcat-“MOTORCYCLE MAMA”


Then, of course, we cannot forget the mid 60s, when the light motorcycle industry simply exploded in the US. At the forefront was Honda. They were such a big deal that pop songs were created around the fun that they represented. Like 1965’s “Little Honda” from the Hondels


Kawasaki-H1To finish up we loop back to Kawasaki and the beginnings of their theme (retained to this day) of “Let The Good Times Roll.”

Check out this very early “LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL” TV ad.

If these don’t fix you up with enough earworms to last a day or two, try your own search on YouTube. Try searching on “Motorcycyle Songs”, “motorcycle tv ads”, “motorycyle movie themes” or just about any other motorcycle subject. You’ll find enough old tunes to fill up an afternoon (and maybe all of your data plan’s bandwidth!) When you find YOUR favorite, please share it here or on the MartinMoto facebook page. Good listening! And make sure you put the Modern Classics bike show on your calendar. March 2, 2013.