So. You Know a Lot About Motorcycles. Right? Try This Little Quiz.


Sometimes you’ll start out on a ride with absolutely no idea where it will take you. History suggests that this is as true for large organizations as it is for individuals.

Some motorcycle manufacturers started out fully intent on being exactly that – purveyors of bikes. Notables in this category include Honda, Harley-Davidson, and Moto Guzzi. But more than a few others producers found their way into the motorcycle business via more convoluted routes. And not always the ones they intended. Often it was the relatively short trip that began by banging out bicycles. In other cases it was a journey less obvious. Sometimes WAY less obvious. Try our little quiz below – simply match the motorcycle manufacturer in the left hand column to their original industry/product in the right hand column. Answers (and back stories) next week!  Enjoy!

A.   Husqvarna                                                             1.   Electrical components

B.   Kawasaki                                                                2.   Armaments/firearms

C.   Ducati                                                                     3.   Aircraft

D.   Hodaka/Pabatco                                                  4.   Agricultural engines

E.   BMW                                                                       5.   Industrial weaving looms

F.   Yamaha                                                                   6.   Metalworking and fabrication

G.   BSA                                                                          7.   Armaments/firearms

H.   KTM                                                                        8.   Aircraft engines

I.   Laverda                                                                    9.   Fertilizer/farm supplies

J.   Suzuki                                                                     10.   Musical Instruments